St Mary’s College

St Mary’s College in Bangor was founded in 1893 as a women’s teacher training college, the main buildings here were built in 1905. The college merged with the University of Bangor in 1977 and the college, now called St Mary’s Site, was mostly used for accommodation until it was closed in 2008.

In Wales on holiday, this was just down the road – how could I resist? There’s a decent but stripped hall:


Book storage in what was the dining hall:



And a tower:

That’s it, really – the rest is accommodation, not interesting 😉

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  1. Hi Ben – Love the photos of St Marys – it’s being redeveloped as student housing. We are bidding for the work – I just hope that what gets built is as interesting as your images. If we get through to next stage would you be interested in getting involved? No idea in what capacity but there’s got to be something. They are planning to keep the building you photographed – the chapel and the tower etc.
    ps I’ve nicked a couple of images so I’ll keep fresh socks handy

    1. Paul, thought I recognised at least one of the images. I’ve got lots of images taken over several years of most of the buildings including some taken from previous highest level of the built site.

  2. Sure – though I’m not down in Wales very often! But before/after shots would be interesting. Get in touch through the Contact form if you want to discuss more…

  3. Apparently the ‘luxury bat house’ was a statutory requirement, and in fact is constructed of rendered concrete blockwork off an existing old garage base with the slates re-cycled from the old buildings. Only new bits appear to be roof timbers and door.

    The original old building with chapel and tower and the ‘1906 Building’ are being retained in the new student halls development scheme, according to the papers.

  4. So many lovely memories of my time, here, as a student from 1969 to 1973. Will always be special to me.

    1. Hi Jill:
      It’s so sad to see the old college like this. I went out with several girls from St. Mary’s while I was at UCNW from 1967-70. I have very happy memories of the place.

    2. I too was there at this time. Just had a great tour of the new site plus what is left of original buildings. Love to hear from you

      1. Hi Jill,
        I was at St Mary’s 1976-1979. Each time I go o Bangor I visit the site. I shall be going there at the beginning of July and am looking forward to seeing the new and old buildings. I lived in Helen Stevens Hall in my 1st year and then in Barlows. I would love any information e.g. names of lecturers, photos that you may have
        Andrea Witts nee Hopes

        1. I was in Helen Stevens, too. My room was A50, top floor, ist on right. so always had to answer the phone. I did English and Art. I did a fourth year, and lived in Upwey, a house owned by the college, on Bishop’s Mill Road, just off LONPOPTY , near the bend.

  5. Lived there in 1988/9, fantastic times. The walls were peeling paint and plaster even then. Cycled with the UCNW cycle team and clwb Snowdonia so rides either started or finished on Lon Pobty, nothing like a 1 in 4 to focus the mind. Where did those 30 years go!

  6. Hi-I stayed at St Marys in 1990/91. I was in the ground floor of the large building at the back, think there were 2 floors. There was a kitchenette and toilets/baths halfway along the corridor. I have amazing memories of the place. Everyone used to congregate in the kitchen where there was a baby belling stove cooking toast until the very early hours. Standard nights out were at the Student Union dancing to Nirvana, Oceanic, etc or for a risky night out the Octagon where drink was cheap but trouble was common. very sad to see these photos but also brings many happy memories back too. I revisited the site about 14 years ago and took some images, think it has just closed then?

  7. I was a student at St Mary’s 1965-68 and Senior Student 67-68, in the first year accommodated in East Corridor of the main building then on the first floor in Hostel B. Was last there 2008 and devastated to see Hostels A and B overgrown and suffering from concrete cancer. Am still in contact with my college friends. The rules and regs were almost medieval…..we had to almost rebel to get this brought into the 20th century. The most formative time of my life.

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