Before you get in touch, there appears to be some confusion: This is urban exploration photography – that is, taken without the permission of the property owner in most cases. So I have no idea who to talk to to get official access, and site owners might not be happy if you were to use some of my pictures in official publications.

Anything else, please ask – unless it’s about where sites are, or how to get in…

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  1. Ben, is it possible to locate a library copy of
    Explosive Scotland down here in London?

    I’m writing a book, due to be published in August 2013, about the
    munitions workers in WW2. It’s called Bomb Girls and is very much personal stories of the girls working in the munitions factories,
    but I want to to include some brief info. on the places they worked in.
    ROF Bishopton is one such place. So I’d like to have a peek at it
    for research purposes, though my deadline is a month away. Can you help?

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