Barclay Curle Crane

Barclay Curle is the Clyde’s forgotten Titan crane – everyone sees the Finnieston Crane on the news every night, and it’s right in the city centre, but Barclay Curle is in the middle of an industrial area with no good way to see it from the other side of the river – it someimes looms surprisingly on the skyline, but getting close is impossible.

Which is why this took a year’s planning 😉

Barclay Curle 9 (by Ben Cooper)

The North British Diesel Engine Works were designed by J. Galt for Barclay, Curle & Co. Ltd., and built in 1913-14 at a cost of £44,318. The design of the main bay was based on an iconic German AEG factory. The crane was built by Sir William Arrol, maker of the Clydebank titan and many other cranes and bridges – it was able to lift a diesel engine through the roof of the factory and install it into a ship tied up alongside at the Diesel Wharf – the below picture shows a tanker and a cargo vessel being engined.

The main bay and crane are still standing – the building is now used as a 24-hour industrial estate, but the crane stands rusted solid. It’s still beautiful, and an amazing construction, though…

Barclay Curle 1 (by Ben Cooper)

Barclay Curle 2 (by Ben Cooper)

Barclay Curle 3 (by Ben Cooper)

Barclay Curle 4 (by Ben Cooper)

The control cab – have a look at the condition of the steps…

Barclay Curle 5 (by Ben Cooper)

Barclay Curle 6 (by Ben Cooper)

Barclay Curle 7 (by Ben Cooper)

Barclay Curle 8 (by Ben Cooper)

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  1. I worked there fitting out our ships after launch from “Clydeholm Shipyard”,
    nice Photos of the Crane.
    “the above picture shows a tanker and a cargo vessel being engined” this image would seem to be missing, instead showing a recent Photo.

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