Finnieston Crane

The Finnieston Crane is a Glasgow icon – the giant cantilever crane was used for fitting boilers into shops and loading large cargos, including locomotives. Now it stands disused in the middle of modern dockside redevelopment, appearing behind the presenter on the nightly news, but rarely visited.

Finnieston Crane (by Ben Cooper)

Climbed with a friend, this was a bit of a struggle, but well worth it…

Steel girders at night... (by Ben Cooper)

A typical Clyde at Night scene... (by Ben Cooper)

On top of the Finnieston Crane (by Ben Cooper)

From the end of the crane jib... (by Ben Cooper)

A good view of the city... (by Ben Cooper)

From the highest point... (by Ben Cooper)

The Control Room (by Ben Cooper)

Clyde Night Panorama (by Ben Cooper)

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  1. Looks great, nice work!Apparently this was the only crane that could unload tanks to threaten the protestors in George Square in the 1930’s.(Courtesy of W.Churchill.) It’s been kept in working order ever since,just
    in case the natives get restless again.

    1. Interesting, I didn’t know that – it’s not in working order now, though, it’s rusted solid and has been de-rigged.

  2. Great picture! Really different perspective. Would love to have a chat about selling pictures for you in my glasgow based art gallery, cheers

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