Inchgreen Drydock Cranes II

Inchgreen is a large drydock in Port Glasgow, on the Firth of Clyde – built to handle the largest ships of the ’60s, it’s still owned by BAE Systems and used occasionally. There are three lovely big level-luffing cranes. I’ve climbed the Inchgreen cranes before, but I wasn’t entirely happy with the images I got shooting handheld, so kept meaning to go back.

The target was the one on the right, built by Arrols. As you can see, this is still a live site, and the cranes were in a different position to last time.

The long climb up:

I remembered that it was a big ladder – what I forgot was the handrails – or lack of them. The mesh platforms up top are two feet wide at their widest, with a handrail on only one side – sometimes. I was, frankly, terrified, but managed a couple of shots:

Then descended…

One final shot of a crane, ‘cos it’s pretty:

PS some historic images of the place:

Confusingly, the cranes have been upgraded I think – these cranes are different.

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  1. Fantastic photos. Really like them all. My dad was the maintenance electrician at inchgreen – must show him your pics. He could tell you absolutely everything about them.

    1. That would be very interesting – I found some old newspaper cuttings from when it was being built, and it seems the cranes originally installed were different to the ones there now.

    1. Really? Wow – that’s going to be some job to shift them, and they’re not in the best of condition either…

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