Ruchill Hospital Water Tower

Ruchill Hospital’s imposing red sandstone and brick water tower has loomed over north Glasgow for 120 years – most of the rest of the hospital has been demolished, but Scottish Enterprise are saving the A-listed tower.

It was a bit foggy, but there were some fantastic moments above the fog, with tower blocks emerging from the cloud.

And what it looks like in daylight without scaffolding:

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  1. Brilliant Ben amazingly eerie above the fog. Would be cool if you could get up on a clear night for comparison 🙂
    Did you get the email I sent you a few weeks ago?

  2. I’m not sure a clear night would be so interesting – there’s not much nearby so it’d just be street lights from above.

    No email – maybe my spam thing got it 😉

  3. Sad to see this. I worked there in the Infectious Diseases Unit between 1984 – 1998. Lots of good and (and not so good) memories, and people missed. That water tower was part of the backdrop to my daily life for all those years. Wish I had more photos of the place before we were forced to relocate.

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