University Chapel

Back again to Glasgow Uni, and this time an attempt on the main part that’s eluded me – the roof of the chapel.

That’s the chapel in the middle of the above picture. Built in memory of those from the University who died in WWI, it was dedicated in 1929, and designed by Sir George Burnet to blend in with the Gothic main building.

The chapel has a beautiful lead-covered steel spire. Getting there isn’t simple, though, with little ladders and bits of roof to navigate and squeeze around.

Finally, though, the base of the spire itself – and oh, look

Up the ladder, through the door (making sure it doesn’t latch behind me as there’s no handle on the inside), up another ladder in the dark, past the bell motor, then up another ladder and through a trapdoor:

And one short ladder to stand above the bell:

That’s it, really – another fine night spent gazing out over the city…

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