University Rooftops II

Glasgow University’s imposing Gothic main building stands on a hill in the West End, dominating views from all over the city. Designed by George Gilbert Scott and opened by Queen Victoria, at the time it was a move to a fresh leafy suburb from the university’s old location in the city centre.

The roofs of the building have always been tempting from the ground, but it was only when I first got up there back in May 2010 that I found out how wonderful they really are. Turrets, little roofs, gables and windows are everywhere, linked by little ladders, hidden walkways and rather unnerving parapets.

Back in 2010 the tower eluded me – I got close, but no cigar. This time I got onto a balcony part way up:

And onto the little flat roof right beside the tower (In 2010, I got as far as the parapet around the tower on the right, but no closer):

There was a good view of the upper half of the tower, which still eludes me:

Next off to the East side of the quadrangle, where some restoration work is just finishing:

Next, a very low parapet around this tower:

But leading to a lovely little hidden bench where I could sit and watch drunken students stagger home:

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