Hyundai Freescale Part II

I’ve visited this gigantic white elephant before – originally built by Hyundai at a cost of over £2bn, it was to be the largest chip fabrication plant in Europe, with a clean room bigger than two football fields. Never finished, it passed to Motorola and their Freescale subsidiary, then there were plans for a solar cell manufacturer to take it over.

Now, it’s finally been sold – to the Shepherd Offshore Group, who are going to demolish the lot. What a colossal waste, but realistically there was nothing else such a specialist building could be used for.

Compared to my previous visits, the biggest difference was that, finally, all the lights have been turned off. Which meant for lots of light painting fun with my biggest torch.

Some stripping of the millions of pounds worth of unused equipment has also begun.

One of the main corridors – if you zoom in, you can just about see me. I’m only about half way along the corridor as well…

A bunch of massive fans, never removed from their packaging:

Have a look what it says on the bridge 🙂

Most of the equipment has been auctioned off, and sits carefully sorted into lots:

This is the giant clean room – again, if you look at the left side, you can just about see me waving a torch about – this is a massive space…

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