Johnnie Walker Bottling Plant

When Diageo closed down the Johnnie Walker distillery in Glasgow, I was in there like a shot, but when the bottling plant in Kilmarnock closed a bit later it was a trickier nut to crack – I had several goes around the beginning of the year, and got into a few bits of it, but it was very secure with loads of CCTV, 3-4 guards and even those infrared barrier things. Not fun.

So I left it for a bit, and left it a little too long I think – it’s mostly stripped out, but there are still some decent things to see. Anyhow, pictures:

This is inside the bridge in the first image – it’s an angled conveyor for barrels:

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  1. Brilliant as ever Ben and nice to see you got a bottle shot 🙂
    Been looking in wondering when we would get out next pics 🙂 Cheers

  2. So sad to see a great institution empty Why do we let foreigners buy our industries then close them at their convenience

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