McEwan’s Fountain Brewery

The brewery that refuses to die! Reports of this brewery’s demise have been going on for years, but it’s still here – not for all that much longer, though, they definitely are demolishing it this time

So good to go back for another look. The brewhouse is being dismantled, and quite a bit is screened off for asbestos removal, but there’s some nice blue tankage left.

For just a place to have fun exploring, McEwan’s is hard to beat – lots to climb, lots of staircases and ladders, and lots and lots of tunnels – going under several public roads to different sites. Plus, it has some excellent control rooms:

Switchgear rooms:

And funky blue tiling:

Across the road, demolition is progressing:

But there is a second control room:

And a third:

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  1. All gone now. The side that had the tower is a gap site. Other side is a school which turns out to be too small so my guess is gap site will become an annexe. The rubber works building is becoming an arts centre.

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