Nestle Purina

The problem with GPS is that you need to put the right data in – I put in the address I found for this place, drove over there, and found lots of new flats. But I’d spotted an empty factory nearby which looked worth a go – it was only once I got inside that I realised that this was the place I was looking for…

The Nestle Purina factory in Barrhead, near Glasgow, made pet food – with a brief break to make baby food. The 200 employees were laid off in 2004, when Nestle decided that the factory was uneconomic.

First into the big storage warehouse:

A rather odd sign:

Impressive colour coding in the compressor house – no red, green or blue here, someone wanted to be an artist:

And some good big compressors (or pumps?):

In a completely darkened room, someone had been relaxing:

The boardroom had a lovely parquet floor:

A bunch of training rooms:

A quite ironic sign in the foyer:

The factory floor:

The fire safe in a burnt-out office:

Up on the roof:

And the factory from the outside:

There are plans to build 160 houses and some shops on the site, but no sign of anything happening yet.

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