William Paton Ltd. Part II

I haven’t been back to Paton’s Mill since October 2008, and the past 18 months have not been kind to the place. First, on-site security left, then the metal thieves and neds moved in to trash the place, then (far too late) the council eventually secured the building – it’s now breeze-blocked to second-floor level and there are internal walls as well. It makes entry a lot more entertaining 🙂

In a storeroom off the sales office, there was a flip-chart presentation that must be 40 years old – it was soaked through and every page disintegrated as I turned it…

More marketing materials:

Some more entertaining climbing, and up onto the flat roof:

Into the main part of the mill:

Lace samples from 1932:

One mission was to do the tower – never been up this before, and considering the state of the wooden ladders it’s not going to be do-able for much longer…

Just down from the roof is a cast-iron water tank.

And the floor below this has a surprise – a wooden pattern store. These patterns must be very old…

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