Corrie & Sannox Mines

Corrie and Sannox are two villages next to each other on the Northeast coast of the island – the mines aren’t linked, though. The first one I explored was the limestone mine above Corrie. The mine follows a seam down at about 45 degrees, with several entrances.

There’s some evidence of trackways on the surface, and some underground too – this was about 200m in.

Much of the mine is distinctly dodgy, though – lots of evidence of fresh rockfall, and in some places the limestone was just hanging off the ceiling – I was pretty nervous sitting under this

On the surface, there are some derelict lime furnaces:

And the bottom mine is used for storage:

Next, up in Glen Sannox, is a barytes mine that first operated in the 1860s before closing and reopening briefly around WWI.

The mine follows a near-vertical fault – the lowest adit is very flooded.

The next one up looks promising, though waders will be needed.

But the one above that was do-able.

Finally, a view from the top adit, showing the trackway leading to the middle adit.

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