Guardbridge Paper Mill Part II

I first visited Guardbridge in May 2009, not long after it closed – it was a lovely mill to visit, absolutely mint. Now, though, it’s quite different – 9 months in the hands of the receivers have not been kind. I’ll put before and after pictures when I can work them out.

First, the power plant – this is one of the parts that will be retained as it’s a listed structure.

Next, the former turbine house next door.

With some interesting stuff left behind – some models and old pictures, plus stacks and stacks of plans.

Next, on to the dandy roller store – the dandy roller is what puts the watermark on to the paper.

Onto the paper machines – first machine no. 3.

Then down the stairs to machines 4 and 5 – and one machine has gone.

May 2009:

February 2010:

The drying drums have been stripped out, and are scattered about.

Despite appearances, these machines aren’t being scrapped – they’re being packed and shipped to Egypt.

The main offices were sealed up tight last May – now they’re open, and completely stripped apart from some photographs and promotional materials.

Down on the ground floor is the front desk, the mill shop, and an award.

Also on the ground floor is the computer room, still with everything powered up and screensavers running.

Security seem to be into gardening.

Back up, and into the salle – the packing and shipping department, now stripped out.

And spot the difference – May 2009:

And February 2010:

Speaking of clocks, I found the workings for the clock on the front of the mill.

The power was off, but I set it to the right time…

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