Mugiemoss Paper Mill

Mugiemoss closed in 2005, with the loss of 250 jobs – the mill was outdated by more modern mills. The site is now used by a trucking firm, so there are trailers all over the place and some buildings are still in use – the lights are still on in a lot of it as well.

First, into the giant hall for Machine 5:

A control room:

Another control room:

At the other end of this giant 250m-long hall:

A third control room:

Down to the ground floor of hall 5:

Onto the east power plant – the old one, and you can see the oldest parts of the mill here:

Back again to the ground floor of hall 5:

Then onto the newer west power plant – this oil-fired boiler dates from 1970:

On the wall of this power plant, a poster of, I think, hall 4:

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