Inverkip Panoramas

Inverkip power station on the Clyde, an oil-fired power station that has lain mothballed for decades, is finally and very slowly being dismantled – before it goes too far, I went along with panoramic stuff to make some more explorable 360-degree views. Click on each image to open in Quicktime, and they’re about 7-12Mb each.

These first two are the control room, obviously šŸ™‚

Next, standing in the middle of a turbine:

A few from the turbine hall:

One of the huge boilers:

And finally up between the boilers, with a couple of huge flues.

All images:

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    1. Thank you – it’s tricky with panoramas to remember that you have to have something interesting in all directions, it’s not like using a wide angle where you get into a corner to get the best view šŸ™‚

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