Inverkip Power Station Construction

A while ago, I found some old slides which, among other places, showed some of the construction of Inverkip Power Station. I don’t think these have been shown before…

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  1. Hello Ben

    I find these photos fascinating, I myself work in power generation and have visited Inverkip on a few occasions, a have a big fascination for the station, unfortunatly the station was mothballed before I reached working age in 1995 but I do know a few of it’s ex employees who are always saddend to talk about the station and said how it ran like a sewing machine in the few times it got to run, I hope you write your book you mentioned I’d definetly be looking for a copy!


  2. Hi from Australia, been keeping in touch with “uncle” john and Jim Gannon, who’s promised me photographs of the demolition(sad )
    STILL the best place I ever worked , hullo to the lads still living in Wemyss Bay

    Jim Mclean

  3. Worked on the chimney when it was about 100-150ft with Cliff Grant after leaving school in May’72. Climbing up to the top was tiring and whilst the view was fantastic, it was not for the faint-hearted

  4. I spent 3-4 years on construction of the station working for Clarke Chapman and Aitons of Derby welding the high pressure boiler tubes and Main steam pipework together – happy days

    1. Thursday 9/11/2017 hi Robert great to see the photos i remember you at the power i also worked for Clarke Chapman for 6 years 6 months i often think about all the welders i worked alongside i hope you are well. Ronnie Mccallum.. [welder]

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