Inverkip Power Station Part III

I hate leaving loose ends, so the blurry through-the-glass shot of the control room I got last visit really wasn’t good enough. So, when some other people wanted to make an early-morning visit, how could I resist?

The control desks are absolutely mint:

They’re still live as well:

It’s a great place to relax and wait for the sunrise:

Every good girl needs a smut detector…

The last page of the duty log is poignant:

With the sun up, we headed up onto the top of one of the travelling cranes:

Where there’s a brilliant view down into the turbine hall:

It’s also possible to climb down inside the crane girder:

Then up to the roof of the North boiler house – with an active-looking security camera:

And finally a stop-off to leave a comment in the dust:

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