Port Glasgow Air Raid Shelter


This large WW2 air raid shelter in Port Glasgow was built for the workers of the large ropeworks nearby, in record time by a gang of Polish builders. Apparently there were five original entrances, from different parts of the factory. Apart from some junk, and a small fire in one entrance, it’s untouched internally – but time and rot has taken it’s toll. There’s still a lot of detail, though – canvas doors and toilet screens, cabling and pipework, remnants of benches – and, at one end, the air conditioning and generating plant. Continue reading

Barnton Quarry Bunker II

Barnton Quarry has had several lives – first it was a stone quarry of course, then in WWII it was the operations room for the Turnhouse sector of Fighter Command. After the war it was unused for a few years, then in 1952 a whole second bunker was built underground to turn it into a R4 ROTOR bunker – ROTOR was a radar early warning system. Abandoned again, it became a Regional Seat of Government (RSG) in the 1960s, where the Scottish government could hide in the event of nuclear war – a BBC studio was built where encouraging messages could be broadcast to the surviving population.

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Territorial Army Hall

Territorial Army 18 (by Ben Cooper)

The Army Drill Hall in Paisley was designed by local architect TG Abercrombie, and built in 1896. Abercombie served with the TA himself as a captain in the 2nd Renfrewshire Rifle Volunteers (later the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders). The building is now abandoned, and rather trashed, but it’s still worth a visit.

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