Torpedo Testing Tank

This dates from the same era as the Torpedo Testing Station at Arrochar. It is, basically, a giant tank of water which was used to test the launching, running and possibly impact of torpedoes.

The tank itself is imposingly massive, with gantries and cranes at one end to lift up the test torpedoes. The other side contained labs.

Inside, it’s been stripped, and is now used for training.

Up some stairs, though, and you come to the viewing galleries – one wall of the tank is reinforced glass – it’s Scotland’s biggest fishtank.

Back outside, and up some rusty stairs to the top of the tank. There’s a launching cradle for the torpedoes, and what I think is an impact target – it’s got a massive hydraulic ram.

After this, it was back down and out, pausing for one last look.

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  1. nice to see the place during the day! I have been here a few times at night with the RAF cadets doing night exercises inside and out.

    The second photo from the top has a pile of seemingly innocent rubble in it but look closer and you will find a way in and some shooting ports!! There are a few of these, one that I remember on the other side of the river with a lifting hatch to get in!

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