Lesmahagow High School

This was an unplanned visit on the way back from somewhere else – I can’t find much history on the place, but it’s basically a lovely Victorian school with a couple of big ’60s extensions. The whole lot is now empty as a brand new school has been built next door.

The old and new buildings:

A lovely stairwell in the old building:

The Art Department:

A long (and very exposed) bridge leading to the newer building:

There was lots of this kind of glass and wood:

The Home Economics Department:

A Business Studies classroom:

And there was still a load of stuff strewn about…

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  1. We were passing Lesmahagow on the way back to Yorkshire today (14/10/2016) I went to show my wife where one of the worst places to go to school was! I didn’t know it had been demolished. I went there in the 70’s. Absolutely hated the place, glad it’s gone..

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