Lyceum Cinema

Govan’s Lyceum Cinema dates from 1938 – at the time it was a stunning modernist cinema with a curved backlit wall of glass, and seated 2,600. Bought by County in 1974, it was split in two, with bingo in the stalls and a 480-seat cinema in what was the balcony – the beautiful circular entrance was partitioned.

The cinema side continued until 1981, with the original circular paybox pulled to one side – it’s still there:

County were bought by Gala in 2006, who closed the bingo side – the cinema has been unused since then, and getting pretty derelict, but the new owner has plans to redevelop it – reopening the cinema side, and using the stalls as a performance space. This was a by-invitation visit to take pictures to help with bids for funding.

First, the cinema side – to one side of the entrance are some rooms with old film posters, including a 3D Ben Hur one! That didn’t photograph well:

The stairs up to the cinema are very elegant:

Then the upper foyer and toilets – I never usually bother photographing the cludgies, but these were pretty:

Into the cinema itself:

With some very cool ’30s lights:

Up to the projection booth – no projectors, but I found them under the cinema floor.

In the power room next to the projection booth were a couple of mercury vapour rectifiers:

A quick look into the roof space:

There were some bits and pieces of film lying about – mostly “Coming Soon” snippets, but I did find a Kia-Ora advert 😉

Back stairs:

The other side of the stairs to the balcony, with original gilt mouldings:

Next, into the bingo side, and the other half of the circular entrance:

Bingo book sales desk:

The stalls, with the amazing original screen area:

Down to the basement for a quick look at the boilers:

And finally back to the stalls:

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