Riverside Transport Museum Part III

I’ve visited the new Zaha Hadid-designed Riverside Transport Mseum in Glasgow several times – this last visit briefly appeared online but I took it down at the request of the museum trust who did not want the surprise spoiled for visitors.

Now journalists have been given a sneak preview, so I think it’s time to show you the sneak preview I had before everyone else 😉

The new “street” – a reproduction of an old street, with tramcars and original shop fixtures and fittings, plus a subway station.

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  1. I was previlged to have a preview, on Friday evening 3rd June.2011 and was really taken aback with the sze of the new Museum, Its magnificent, even tho not all the exhibits were on show.& the Souvenier shop wasn’t open.
    It was a beautifil night, and S.V Glenlee looked huge, when you are right beside it. I certainly willbe back. Mts E. Cromar

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